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Canoe Company

We offer a full range of expediting and outfitting
services equipment rentals and sales

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Classic through to Cutting Edge

Equipment Sales

Tested, functional and durable

We have sourced equipment that we feel is most suited to the conditions in our part of the world, north of the 60th parallel. We have taken into consideration our local climates, use in Taiga and use in Tundra regions. We outfit for Spring, Summer, Fall, and yes, we do see snow on occasion in July.

We sell the same equipment that we know and trust in our outfitting service. Our gear selection ranges from what some would consider memorabilia of a by-gone era right through to gear that represents the cutting edge based on the most recent innovations and field testing. The common trait in the gear we offer is that it all works!

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Equipment Rentals

No Hassle, Rugged and Dependable

We have sourced equipment most suited to the conditions in our part of the world. We have taken into consideration our local climates, the equipment necessary to establish campsites in the Taiga and on the Tundra.

We offer all of our rental equipment on an a la carte basis. If there is a piece of gear that we don't have listed and that you would like to use on a trip let us know and we will do our best to locate and supply that item for you.

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Logistical support

Includes a full range of services focussed towards canoeists wishing to embark on self-guided, fly-out wilderness trips, originating from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Show up with as little as the shirt on your back and leave all of your trip outfitting requirements to us or pick from our services and equipment on an à la carte basis:

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Fly-Out trips

Take a step back in time, experience the thrill of
flying out of Yellowknife's Old Town

Aboard a classic DHC-2 Beaver Floatplane with your canoe tied to the side fly over the vast and beautiful wilderness of the region. Get delivered to a remote lake or river where the wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities are profound.

We arrange fly-out canoe trips through Ahmic Air. Ahmic Air can provide access to the Mara, Thelon, Burnside, Back, Coppermine, Snare, Yellowknife, Beaulieu, and Cameron Rivers along with starting points on Great Slave Lake.

Whether you only have a weekend available or you are planning a multi-week expedition there are many routes, drop off points, and take-out options available. Ahmic Air may be contacted directly for current pricing and conditions.